Video Game, Good or Bad For Children? (Part II)

Ten years ago, when I was 7 years old, I like to play video game. When I play video game (not a brutal and harsh game of course), I feel something in my brain, something that can improve my imagination. Yes, one more positive thing that children can get from video game, it can help their imagination. The reason is, with the children playing a game, they see fantasy world in that game. Due to the fantasy world in that game, children will be attracted to imagine their fantasy, too. They can be more creative than children that do not play video game. They have more source of fantasy for creativity to be spilled in many forms. Like I said before, children under 10 years old are in growing period, so does the brain, thus child’s fantasy is expanded. So, a full-fantasy-game can improve children’s skill of imagination. But, we should wary about another effect. Playing in very long time without parents control, can badly affect children’s brainpower. Games can confuse reality and fantasy, so the bad effect to children is they can’t clearly decide which is fantasy and which is reality. This is really dangerous for children. We can’t let our children drowned in their super imagination. This may happens, they consider this real world as fantasy world like in the game. This can disturb their thinking way, their intelligence, moreover in brain growing period. Like something happens in Canada, a 11 years old boy, lock himself in his room for many days, playing the same game, a game that really attract him very much. He only ate a little, until he found in critical condition. This is the bad effect from a big fantasy that given by that game.

After those all negative and positive effects of video game, I can take a conclusion. Video game is good for children, as they are controlled by parents. Yes, parents must control their children. They must know how long their children play video game, even they can limit their children’s playing time. It’s better. I have more suggestion for parents. Do not put video game consoles or computer in children’s bedrooms, because we can’t see what our children do. Don’t forget to check the age game ratings and descriptors on the game box. Use other content sources and reviews to help you choose a game, and avoid the killing-machine games, brutal fighting-adventure games. Explain to your children why you object to certain games. It’s good for children if their homework and tasks be done before play a game, and try to play and enjoy a game with your child. Don’t forget to talk about the content of the games. Ask your child what’s going on in the game. Finally, encourage your children to play with friends, or other activities away from the video game. This conclusion and all suggestions are just my argument. Back to ourselves, if we have children, we don’t want our children “broken” by many technological things, especially video game. We always want to keep our children, and we want the best for our children, right? Just always remember, video game is safe for children as long as our children are under our supervision.

One Comment

  1. Hmmmm….

    Sebagai seseorang yang udah mau punya anak (istri gw lagi hamil neh!), gw ngerasa game tuh gak berbahaya, selama dikontrol ama orang tua.

    Yah….gw sendiri juga gamer sejati sih…So, kalo anak gw ntar mau minta game, gw beliin jelas…


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