Textbook Is My Everything

Well, it’s been a long time since last time I wrote a post in english. Now, I want to write again in english, something short, while my brain is still fresh. 😀  

Textbook (buku referensi or buku teks in Indonesian), you can say it is my “daily meal”. In fact, textbook has always been my “daily meal” since the 3rd semester. In my fourth year like now I cannot afford to spare my time without textbook (what a lie… :D). I feel like, my relationship with textbooks is getting more intense when I’m doing my thesis. In my major, you will find it difficult to find indonesian textbook. Almost all of it was written by foreign professors, lecturers, or experts. Even, at the beginning of my third semester, our professor ordered us to read dutch textbooks (of course we can’t read it.. >__<“).

Look! It is all in english!

Look! The cover is in english too!

Although I’ve read many books since my 3rd semester, I still have it difficult to understand its meaning. I’m still not used to it. The problem is not in translation process, but in understanding its meaning (contextual meaning). There are so many terms in english that were difficult to be translated into Indonesian.

Our lecturers (who speak fluent english) always gives us a list of reference books at their own will. For each course (subject, mata kuliah) can be more than five books, all in english. If there are seven courses in each semester, it means we have 35 books to read. Wow… 😮  Inevitably, we should like to read ‘em all.

I just can’t forget what my lecturer said, “you’ll get used to it if you keep reading english books”. 🙂     Hfffffttt… I hope I can read a textbook like I read a novel.  😀


Well then, I should get going now. I have an appointment with my lecturer. Hope my draft is approved. ^__^


Source of the pics: myself.


  1. Me too bro, i spent my time to read my calculus book, OMG! I have finished 2 bible of mathematic studEnt. Calculus bible, lol


  2. I barely know someone who loves textbook – as for me, I never even bought it, since it never been used for in most of my classes… paling juga awal-awalnya, but will be neglected soon enough 😀

    Kutubuku lu ya ternyata ehehe.


    1. Yap, sama kayak mahasiswa jaman sekarang. ga pernah mau fotokopi satu buku teks. Maunya cuman mau fotokopi per bab sesuai dengan yang dibutuhkan di setiap pelajaran. Udah gitu, beberapa semester kemudian pas ditanya di mana fotokopiannya, jawabnya ga tahu, hilang… 😆


  3. kalo aku malah wajib baca novel bahasa inggris kak. nanti pas semester 5 baru deh textbook bahasa inggris terus di presentasiin. 1 minggu 1 buku errrrrrrrr


  4. Yes… textbook is a great and reliable resources for student. Most of the textbooks are written based on relevant studies published in various journals. Btw, I am familiar with English Medical Textbooks, I have translated many of their chapters into Bahasa 😀


    1. Wow…. hebat Mas Masdin.. Terutama untuk buku kedokteran, saya rasa semua berbahasa inggris ya Mas… 😐
      Saya salut dengan mahasiswa kedokteran yang harus menghafal bertumpuk-tumpuk buku teks yang tebal dan berbahasa asing. 😀


  5. I just could say that “I hope U can read those textbooks like u read a novel.”


    I saw your pict on header above,, Hmmm,,,it’s different with your pict on banner..

    I dont know whether I should thank or not to Allah ’cause my lecture is in Bahasa Indonesia.



  6. TextBook is my FOOD rite now..
    all the things related to the things called Skripshi* makin’ me crazy.. I am about to throw up everytime I finished read the textbook esp one wrote in English.. arrrhhgg~


  7. sejak sekolah sampe sekarang, paling gak suka disuruh baca text book. ngantuk! hahaha.
    lebih suka kalo ada yang ngejelasin trus gua catet sendiri. belajarnya lebih enak… 😀


  8. makanya saya agak kurang suka dengan perpustakaan saya, sedikit bukunya! (baca: banyakan buku bahasa inggris :-p ) sukses ya asop! 😆


  9. wah serem juga bukunya
    tapi ajaib
    kalo aku juga bisa
    jadikan text book
    seperti baca novel
    apalagi novel thriller
    yag semalem langsung tamat
    salam kenal


  10. You seem an interesting fellow.

    Here, in Pakistan, we’re taught with English textbooks since kindergarten. That’s why I guess we get used studying in English 🙂

    Good luck with your thesis. 🙂


    1. Wow, in Pakistan? Aww man, I really want to be fluent with english since I was kid… But… Yeah, I can’t do anything about it. So I just need to learn it continously. 😀


  11. Jadi inget dulu semua textbook kuliah penuh coretan pensil dan stabilo, saking males nyatat di buku catatan. Begitu mau ujian, baru deh dibuka dan dibaca 😛 Tapi belajar dari textbook bahasa Inggris, jadi lebih mudah paham, lho 😀


    1. Iya, belajar dari buku bahasa inggris emang lebih mudah paham ketimbang belajar dari buku terjemahan. Buku terjemahan bahasanya aneh. 😦


  12. yeiy a post in english! were you triggered by me? *geer mampus*

    my textbooks are my breakfast 😀 hahaa..

    but seriously.. you rather prefer to read those textbooks in english than bahasa, rite? i bet you understand it better in english 🙂


    1. Okay, honestly, maybe right, maybe wrong. 😆

      I was impressed by the students of industrial engineering. I’ve seen you all bring big, thick book, and in english for sure. I really envy you, guys. 😀

      Yap, the translated version of textbook (in indonesian) is more difficult to understand when compared to the original version (in english). 🙂


  13. wew…klo gwdikasih textbook bhs,inggris, antara sng ma ngga, seneng krn bisa ngelancarin bhs,inggris, ngga krn sering g ngerti2..hehe
    salam kenal y..


  14. iya kak.. dosenku juga bilangnya gitu.. kalo sering baca buku english ntar juga terbiasa 😦 **bete bgt deh….***

    paling menyiksa pas semester 1… disuruh buat laporan… referensinya dari buku2 yang ditulis dalam bahasa inggris ***merem melek bacanya **** ,,,


  15. hahaha…remembering my past, when almost everyday i have to read an english textbook.. it has been 5 years ago since i leave my textbooks, i miss them, hope next year i’ll find them again, heu3..


  16. i love text books,it has many advantages..as spare pillow,as an additional foothold when i had to fix the lamp, even as defense tool if i accidentally met bad guy, i really get used to it now:P


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