Their Expression, Funny for Me

Hahaha… Orang asing, orang luar negeri, kadang mereka kasar dalam mengungkapkan perasaan mereka. Mungkin memang kasar, tapi bagi saya itu lucu. 😀

Here, I found this expression at, in “Iron Man” section. Read the sentences below the picture.

When I read those sentences, I laughed. 😆   I don’t know why, I think it’s funny. The way he/she express their feelings is funny for me. Who doesn’t know Iron Man? 😀

Saya gak tahu orang mana dia yang menulis kalimat itu, karena identitas di sebuah webforum bisa saja palsu. :mrgreen: Mungkin saya berlebihan, tapi saya belum pernah melihat yang seperti ini di bahasa Indonesia. Paling cuman “Lu gak tahu? Ke mana aja lo?”, atau “Lu gak tahu? Ke laut aje!!”, atau mungkin “Lu gak tahu? Ke Hongkong aje sono!” 😀  But for this smack-your-parents-in-the-face thing, I never find it in Indonesian expression… :mrgreen:


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Conversation With Japanese Men

Well, yesterday is my first conversation with a japanese man. Actually, not just one man, but two men. If I count the foreigner from Mexico then it means I have conversation with three foreigners I’ve never met before. How can I met them? I met them in a KIDS program in ITB, cooperative program between HMP (Himpunan Mahasiswa Planologi) and Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Kyoto University. KIDS stands for Kyoto University Institution for Disaster Prevention School. I don’t want to explain about this KIDS now, I want to tell you the conversation I did with the Japanese during this two days program.

There are four foreigners in this KIDS group, three from Japan, and one from Mexico. One of the “three musketeers from Japan” is a professor, and the others are the students, including the mexican. The students’ name are Shinnosuke Choujin, Tsutsumiuchi Takahiro (his nickname is Cuci…weird for us, eh?), and Nelson Hernandez, the Mexican. Okay, I can recognize what Nelson says because he speaks clearly. Maybe it’s because he’s from Mexico?

At first, I know that it would be difficult to talk with japanese (I know it from my experience watching the japan’s anime, their english articulation is a mess…). Yeah, honestly I don’t want to talk in english with japanese people because it’s quite difficult to recognize their pronunciation, their articulation. So, I’d like to talk with them with Japanese language. Unfortunatelty I can’t speak japanese, so I had to speak with them in english. Then, when I hear Cuci speaks english…(the Indonesian response, originally from Surabaya)… “Damn! This is a disaster for me! I can’t recognize even just one word from him! Heeeelp!!” ……… That’s my first experience in direct conversation with Japanese…. Not good….

It’s Cuci, not Choujin. Choujin speaks english better than Cuci. He’s more fluent and quite clear in pronunciation. Although he’s better than Cuci, doesn’t mean I can speak with him fluently. There are still problem with his articulation, difficult to recognize what he said, and my vocabulary sucks, I can’t speak too much…. So we stuck in conversation…… “Damn…. is this my first experience in conversation with Japanese?” I said.

Anyway, it is still easier to talk with Japanese, compared with my experience in Singapore. There, they speak english compacted with their own accent, become “sing-lish”, singapore-english.

When I was in a gamestore…
Me: “Excuse me, can u tell me what kind of game is this?”
Merchant: “Aaaaa… dat is BLA BLA BLA…. Yu can CANG CING CONG with that… Yu want to buy it?”
Me: “What the…. what did he say before???”

See? It’s like they speak ENGLISH with their own language, but mixed with their own accent!

Haaaaa…… I thank God I’m an Indonesian… because I think we, Indonesian, can speak foreign languages clearly, although we still brought some dialect from our birthplace… Like my friend, he’s from Yogyakarta. He speaks english fluently, but with full-“medhok” dialect. It’s funny, but still he speaks clearly and I do understand what he said. Not just english I think, Japanase, Mandarin, Italian, French and German too. So, Indonesian people has many adventages in foreign language. We just don’t waste this adventage, right?

Nb: I thought that the professor speaks english fluently…. but the reality is… Choujin’s english is better then the professor…. really… this is really happened… why did this happen?